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See an An-2 making a loop by clicking her.







          Just like the two previous years I drove in my car to the An-2 meeting of 2006, that was held in southern Poland. The place was called Jelenia Góra (EPJG) and was situated in a mountainous area very close to the Czech border and less than 100 kilometres north of Jaromer in the Czech Republic, where it was held last year.

          Within range of sight from Jelenia Góra airfield, that was 342 metres above sea level, you could see another airfield “Jesow”, that was situated 559 metres above sea level. This airfield was very fascinating and historical, since the name of the town before the war was “Grünau” and was a part of Germany at that time. It was also here that Edmund Schneider designed and built his first Grünau Baby aircraft in 1931. By the way, the An-2 party of 2006 was held in this very building, where the production took place and there were plans about restoring the building. You can see photos of the place further down.


          The journey down there started a whole week before the meeting began and went through the western part of Germany and on the western side of Frankfurt to visit the Technik Museum Speyer. The visit started one early morning, and I spent most of my day there. Next day I went to another museum only app. 50 kilometres from there. It was the Technik Museum Sinsheim. The two museums are working together and have a common website, where you can choose what museum you would like to experience. Here I have linked to the individual museums.

It is highly recommandable to visit both museums. You will find something for any taste, since more than just aircraft are there. There are also cars, tractors, railway engines, organs, and much more. Previously, I had visited the museum in Sinsheim, that is the most famous one of the two and is situated just next to the highway. It means that you know for sure when you pass the museum, what is on the other side of the fence. Among other things, you can see the Concorde and the Tu-144 “Concordski” standing on pillars above the building.


          After having visited the two museums I drove across Germany and into the Czech Republic. I had already ordered an overnight stay online. I stayed at a hotel that I also used last year. Thursday late morning I then headed for Jelenia Góra, where all aircraft arrived during the afternoon.

LY-ABK from Sweden arrived, with the owner Kjell flying it, at 3.30 P.M. and with a bit of a surprise aboard. Kjell saw me standing at the fence and came towards me to say hello, and another person together with him presented himself as Jens. I at once said that he sounded very Danish. To this he answered that he was from Funen in Denmark. Then I knew that a person living in Funen had bought the An-2 aircraft “LY-AUA”, and then I could figure out that he was the buyer. To me it was a very big surprise that I met a Dane in Poland. I confronted him with it, especially when I said that he also had an Mi-2 helicopter. I said Mi-8 to him, but I was corrected, since he was the owner of an Mi-2. Jens is working for Air Greenland. So we talked for some time about Greenland, since I have been up there some years and also had the pleasure of flying privately in Greenland. Unfortunately this took place before all the smaller airfields were opened. Because of this I only had the opportunity of landing outside, and I got plenty of opportunities. I also went to Nuuk many times, that was opened while I was there.

          The annual common flight should have taken place Friday, but because of low cloud cower in the mountainous area the flight was postponed until Saturday, where we had much better weather. Friday a bus trip was arranged to a ski resort, that was apparently a very big excursion goal during summer time. After this we went with a ski lift that was 2.2 kilometres. It lifted us 530 meters up into the air. I almost chose not to go with the lift, since I had never had the courage to hang in a “string” over a mountain.  But luckily I was persuaded, since it was a very impressive trip that went to the Czech border. You can see something about the place here. From the terminal of the lift we walked app. 200 meters at a very rocky path. We then stopped at a cafeteria where many chose to get something to eat and to drink. We could if we wanted walk app. 200 metres again. Many did that, but I chose not to walk any further.


          Saturday the weather for the common flight was perfect. Every aircraft were out in the open. At some time there were17 aircraft on the airfield, but I do not think that all aircraft were there at the time of the common flight, but at least 12 aircraft were there. I have evidence of that, since I have taken a photo of 11 aircraft from the LY-ABK. I guess the flight lasted app. 30 minutes and took us to the excursion place of yesterday. Later this day there were miscellaneous aircraft shows and the annual contest between the participating teams. Firstly, an An-2 aircraft should be pushed some metres back and after this pushed to the backstops again. Naturally this was on time. Secondly, 5 men should go the whole way around the same aircraft, but 5 men should be standing on two planks. The front and the rear person had a rope to lift one plank at the time. Here they had to co-operate. Thirdly, a pillow should be thrown through a ring from the distance of some metres. I suppose it was harder than it looked. The result of the contest was going to be given to us at the party of the evening. The prize award was also going to take place here. The winner was the Swedish-Danish team: LY-ABK.


          The party of the evening was held in the Grünau hangar on the Jesow airfield, that was decorated with parachutes under the ceiling. We got food and drinks ad libitum. The peak of the evening was undoubtedly the artist group from Kaliningrade in Russia. To decribe what they performed is almost impossible, but I am sure that all the present people agreed that it was marvellous what they performed. There are photos from the show further down. At midnight I went back to my hotel, since next day I had to travel home.


          The weather of Sunday was not ideal for flying, in any case not VFR. Several chose to fly IFR. Myself I chose to watch everybody go up into the air and after this I started my car to drive back to the hotel in the Czech Republic, where I had reserved a room. Next Monday I was going to the town of Hate, that is situated at the border crossing “Znojmo - Kleinhaugsdorf” between the Czech Republic and Austria. An Ilyushin II-62 aircraft is standing there (OK-FBF), that is rebuilt to a restaurant and carries the name of "Jet Rest Niki Lauda". I have taken some photos of the place, and you can see them here. After having had a light meal in the aircraft I began to drive towards Denmark with two overnight stays.


          All things considered it was a fine holiday that lasted two weeks. Sweden has been mentioned for next years meeting, but the necessary sponsors and capital could not be found. In stead it will be in Paluknio air park near Vilnius in the period 9 - 12 of august In 2008 it will be held in Kętrzyn-Wilamowo in Poland. I expect to participate again next year






You can enlargen all photos by clicking on them




The airfield of Jelenia Gora from the air on the third day of the meeting during a flight in a Wilga. There are 12 An-2 aircraft on the airfield. There were 17 An-2 aircraft as maximum.





The airfield building with its control tower. The blue building at the rear was the cafeteria, where you could buy something to eat and to drink.






This aircraft was always on the airfield. As you can see it could need a loving hand on the outside. I only saw it in the air at one occasion on our common flight of Saturday.




This photo is from the common flight. And you can see 11 aircraft. The photo is taken from the LY-ABK with Kjell Brattfors in control. To his right, a nice girl with the name Anja is sitting. She is a pilot of Air Greenland and flies a Dash-7. More photos from this flight and the flight with the Wilga can be seen here.




The first aircraft has just arrived at 2.15 P.M. It is the Air Unique from the UK. Air Unique’s homepage.


The second aircraft was from Germany (D-FWJK) and arrived app. one hour later. After this the aircraft almost arrived one by one.




Other than just An-2 aircraft arrived. This Zlin Z-37 Cmelak (meaning bumblebee) is registered in the Czech Republic.




At 3.30 P.M. the aircraft, that I had expected to see, arrived. It was the LY-ABK from Sweden. Naturally the owner Kjell Brattfors is in control. It later turned out that the right seat was occupied by a Dane, Jens Larsen, who is flying for Air Greenland and is the pilot of both the S-61 helicopter and the Dash-7, that is a turboprop aircraft with four engines.

Jens got a bit surprised, when I said that he had to be the owner of the LY-AUA, which was correct. He comes from Funen by the way.




The team Adriana with SP-FIF has just arrived and is here about to park the aircraft.





The aircraft with the black-white checkered nose is the OK-XIG that is based on the airfield in Jaromer, where the meeting of last year was held, and that is situated less than 100 kilometres south of this airfield.




Outside the cafeteria the grill was activated, and the steaks and the sausages tasted allright.




The night before Friday it had rained so heavily, so everything on the airfield was wet. Here you can see the local fire service remove a larger lake.

Friday the weather had been rather bad with low clouds. Since we were in a mountainous area our flight of the day was postponed until next day, where the weather was going to be a lot better.




Since it was not aviation weather a bus trip was arranged to a ski resort, that was also a favourite place during summer time where there is no snow. We have just arrived to the lift that will take us further up above ground level. The length of the lift is 2200 metres, and I believe that we were taken 530 metres up into the air. I had never had the courage to be taken with a cableway, but this time it had to be, and I was very glad that I took the chance, since it was a marvellous trip.




As you can see we experienced clouds before we made it to the top. The clouds came and were gone most of the time, so we had a good view from the top. It was not very hot, when the chair took us through the clouds.




The first target of the excursion can be seen in the red ring. It is a restaurant that is situated on the mountain. We walked to it for a long time from the top of the lift. However, there was the opportunity of walking app. 200 metres further to a ski resort, but I did not have the strength.





Some walked the last metres, but since we were going home on the same day I avoided it. You can see the target in the red circle.





As you can see on this photographed map, we are now close to the Czech border. Click on the photo to enlargen it.





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A busy day in the restaurant.





The tourist guide with a rucksack outside the restaurant together with two of the Swedish participants and many more.





Then we are at ground level again, and you must prepare yourself to get off the seat, while it is moving without falling to the ground. Not because there is a chance of getting hurt, but you have the attention of everybody all of a sudden.




Here you can see Jens who has just jumped off the chair correctly in the yellow area.





There are many ways to decorate an aircraft. Here beer commercials of an aircraft are assessed. The aircraft is apparently used for parachute jumping.




This is another way to decorate an aircraft. Also some kind of commercial.





If this is a commercial I will not say, but the aircraft has got the name of Anastacia. It is written with Cyrillic letters. It must be Anastacia whom we see here in the sun.





The “Follow-me” car  does not take up much place at the tail of an An-2.





It takes much co-operation to walk all the way around an An-2 like this. It was one of the tasks for the annual contest. There are many photos from the contest further down. The team of LY-ABK was naturally the best one and won the trophee at the party of the evening.




You definitely do not see this everyday on an An-2. These artists from Kaliningrade performed an excellent show on these photos. You can see more photos here.  And later in the evening for the party. There are more photos here.





The two Air Greenland pilots also knew a couple of acts. Is it something that they are taught in the company?





This spray plane gave an excellent show Saturday and showed that when only the pilot knows how, it is easy to turn, enen though it weighs 5.5 tonnes.





The party of the evening was held in this decorated hangar on another airfield, that belonged to the same aircraft club. The airfield could not be used without a special permission because of its condition. There were two runways that were both very uphill. The hangar was on a mountain top, and the runways went in two directions. The hangar is the place where the first Grünau Baby aircraft was produced in 1931.




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Here you see the second airfield. First you see the first runway.




And here you see the second runway.




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This year’s meeting is then over. The LY-ABK has just gone on its wings to fly home to Sweden. Therefore it is goodbye for this time and hopefully I will see all my Swedish friends again next year. This has now been my fourth meeting.







The Flights in An-2 and Wilga.

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The contest.













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The artists at the aircraft.
















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The artists at the the party.






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