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An-2 meeting 2006



See an An-2 making a loop by clicking her.

    Photos © Poul-Joergen Christensen    
    Translation To English by Hans-Joergen Troelsen    



          In 2004, the An-2 meeting was held at Watorowo Airfield in Poland and was organized by the Adriana Team. It seemed to be some very well arranged days in Poland, and the participants I talked to about it said that everything was going perfectly. I totally agreed, but unfortunately I could only stay there for two days.


          Since there were not enough participants to travel by aircraft I decided to go by car even though there were 1,200 kilometres in driving distance from Denmark. I was simply hoping that there would be enough participants because it was held In Poland, and I was definitely going to photograph the event. When I arrived about Friday noon there were only 13 aircraft - Friday was the second day. Thursday, there had been 15 aircraft present.


          My tiredness after my long drive disappeared very quickly when I was received with open arms by the rally management. I was given a VIP card to hang around my neck which meant that I could freely walk around in the same areas like the participants. I also took part in their arrangements, and I was accommodated at the very same hotel that also housed the participants at only 15 Euro per day – breakfast was included. Even the busses between the hotel and airfield were at my disposal.


          Last part of the afternoon was spent on a sightseeing in a nearby town called Chelmno and was arranged by the Adriana Team. The town dates back to the Middle Ages and avoided destructions during World War Two totally.

After the guided tour there was a party in a restaurant that was decorated just like in the Middle Ages. It was totally free because it all was part of the arrangement. As the pictures show there was a very fine buffet and when you were thirsty you just went for more beer in mugs of one litre.


          Saturday was the day for the audience with pleasure flights of the An-2 almost all day long. Aerobatics was also shown during the day, but this year without smoke. Smoke always makes it a little easier to see loops and rolls in pictures – something that is very amazing in an aircraft of this type.

In the airfield a Yak-12A paid a visit. According to the pilot this type is pretty rare, and only 20 airborne should be left – this specimen was very good looking and well-maintained. I was very fortunate to be offered a flight with it and we flew app. 20 minutes above Chelmno and at the end some time above the airfield. It was the first time for me in such an aircraft with only steering wheel and pedals in the left side. I am sending big thanks to the pilot for a magnificent flight.


          About 5 PM I began my journey home to Denmark because I wanted to get out of Poland before sunset. But it did not happen this way since it was actually 11 PM when I refuelled one kilometre before the border. Diesel only costs DKK 5, - for each litre in Poland. After I had slept 5 – 6 hours in my car my journey continued to the rally in Flensburg where I met my club friends there.


          Next year the An-2 meeting will be held in the Czech Republic. I hope that I will also be there and this time hopefully all four days. If the 2005-meeting will be just as well arranged as the one in 2004 it will very good.


          I want to thank the Adriana Team for a marvellous reception and we will hopefully see each other again in 2005.

































Aerobatics with LY-ABK


          Also this year formidable aerobatics of an An-2 was shown to the audience. It is a very amazing sight when such an aircraft is making these manoeuvres and from what I heard the same pilot did it. More pilots should have tried, but they could not carry it through.


          Below there is a number of pictures from the show, but unfortunately quality is not very good which I regret. Nevertheless I thought that the pictures should be there to show that he actually did it. All pictures are taken from the same spot at the airfield and are not manipulated.









Guided sightseeing in Chelmno with the Adriana Team


          Friday afternoon the Adriana Team offered us a guided sightseeing in the nearby town called Chelmno.

          The tour began from the town square which was also the place of the town hall. Afterwards we came across a couple of churches – there were many of them. We walked through the town to a place where some kind of theatre in the open air was held. The plays were about the Middle Ages and you could participate yourself. After all this we went for a restaurant which was decorated like in the Middle Ages. There was a very big buffet and fresh-made butter for the bread. The butter was actually made in our presence. We also had soup in a very big pot and there was plenty of beer. It was all part of the arrangement and totally for free.

          In the middle of the night we went for a stroll in the square area to see balloon party of the year. It was a very old tradition with some balloon baskets that were placed with burners to shoot out big flames regularly. At the same time a play was performed. Unfortunately you had to be local to get the big idea, but it all looked very well.

          Afterwards people went back to the restaurant to party on. Because I had driven the previous night I preferred to go back to the hotel, but the party should have lasted till after midnight.

          Below I show you various pictures from the day.










A flight with the YAK-12A


          Saturday afternoon I talked to the pilot of a YAK-12A. The pilot spoke a very good English and he told me about the aircraft which was very good looking and well-maintained.

          I asked if it would be possible to buy a flight and one hour later we were airborne. We flew above Chelmno and the Watorowo Airfield. It was an exciting flight in an extraordinary aircraft.

          Below you can see some pictures of the aircraft of the flight.




Crew competition

          The participating crews had some competitions during the day. Among other things there was sack race, tug-of-war and sitting on a balloon. The last mentioned thing was about sitting on a balloon full of helium and blindfolded. You had to sit very quiet so it would not burst and yet so hard that it would not fly away. You had to hold it for one minute. It was easier said than done.